Get Your Specs Sorted: Free Adjustments and Repairs at Carrick Eyecare

Hey there, glasses wearers! We know it can be pretty annoying when your frames just won’t sit right or they’re pinching behind your ears. We’ve all been there. But not to worry – at Carrick Eyecare, we’re here to lend a hand with our free adjustments and repairs service.

Why Adjustments Matter

Getting the right adjustments is key to ensuring our patients feel comfortable and confident in their glasses. There’s nothing worse than dealing with lopsided or painful frames. It’s crucial that your glasses sit correctly, especially with varifocals, so you’re looking through the lens in just the right spot. Nobody wants their glasses slipping off or leaving dents in their head. Thankfully, with a well-fitting frame and proper adjustments, all these issues can be easily fixed.

What We Can Do

We’ve got a small but skilled team here, with plenty of experience (and a few screwdriver mishaps along the way – oops!). But don’t worry, they’re more than capable of tackling all sorts of adjustments for your glasses. Whether it’s a missing nosepad, frames that feel too snug behind your ears, or maybe they’ve stretched out from being worn on your head too often – we’ve got you covered! Of course, sometimes glasses reach the end of their road, but most of the time, we can work our magic! Our services include adjusting behind the ear, tweaking nosepads, replacing both nosepads and screws, tightening up loose screws, and even popping lenses back in. And hey, this offer isn’t just for our patients – it’s for everyone, whether you’re a newbie or a regular. So, if your glasses need a bit of TLC, swing by and let us take care of them for you!

We are always here to help with any repairs or adjustments but at times glasses just can’t be fixed or adjusted any further but we will always do the best we can so that they are comfy and in one piece.

It’s About You, Not the Sale

We’re not ones to push a sale – we’re just here to make sure you’re happy and comfy in your glasses. Whether you got them from us or not, we’re more than happy to lend a hand with adjustments and repairs, no questions asked.

Ready to Get Sorted?

If your glasses are giving you grief, don’t put up with it any longer. Pop into Carrick Eyecare today, and let us work our magic. Our friendly team will be more than happy to help get your glasses feeling tip-top again. No fuss, no bother – just good old-fashioned service when you need it most.

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