We’ll be delighted to help you when you visit our independent opticians in Carrickfergus. We are located right in the heart of the town.

Eye Examinations

At Carrick Eyecare, we take pride in offering eye tests for all ages, led by our dedicated and experienced optometrist Paul Campbell.

From the youngest members of your family to those seeking more in-depth care, we’re here to provide expert eye examinations tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

We warmly welcome both private & NHS patients at our practice.

Our optometrist ensures longer appointment times to allow for thorough and attentive care, whether it’s a child’s first eye exam, monitoring your eye health, or addressing age-related vision changes.

Your vision matters to us, and we’re committed to delivering top-quality eye care for all ages.

Emergency AppointmentsNIPEARS

The NIPEARSNI (Northern Ireland Primary Eyecare Assessment and Referral Service) is a crucial program that ensures swift access to urgent eye care services, often at no cost to the patient.

This NHS scheme aims to address acute eye conditions promptly, safeguarding vision and providing relief to those facing sudden eye health concerns in Northern Ireland.

Please give us a call on 02893 363553 where we can triage your symptoms and get you booked in to see our Optometrist.

Dry Eye Clinic

Sudden dry eye issues may fall under the NI PEARS scheme however chronic dry eye issues are best discussed during an eye examination. Book your appointment today.

Contact Lenses

We offer contact lens appointments with a special perk: a free trial. Our experienced optometrist ensures a comfortable fit and clear vision.

If you’re new to contact lenses or considering a change, take advantage of our trial to experience the benefits first hand. Join us today to explore the world of clarity and convenience. Book your appointment today.

Visual Stress Clinic

 Visual Stress refers to reading difficulties, light sensitivity and headaches from exposure to disturbing visual patterns. It can be responsible for print distortion and rapid fatigue when reading.